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Hello all! I'm proud to announce I have my new legacy up, along with the first chapter. You can find it here:
Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check it out! ;)


I lost them.

June 5, 2010

I cannot believe it. I cannot fucking believe it (excuse my french).

I sent Essie, Gabe and (secretly) JoJo to China and my game (or the fuck-tastic new patch :() glitched and did something funky, which ended up making everyone in the family invisible and unplayable. Their little icons don’t even show up on the side! The game now wont let me send them back home, switch the active household, etc. I pretty much can’t do anything but go into Edit Town mode, but I can’t do anything in that, even with TestingCheatsEnabled True on.

Not only that, but it loads the file as nonexistant:

So, sadly, dear readers, this legacy wont make it past it’s infancy. 馃槮 I don’t have the motivation to continue it as text-only, so this legacy is officially over. I “failed”? Heh.

Thanks, all, for reading. I do believe at some point I’ll get my game together (after I buy Ambitions, most likely) and I’ll start a new legacy. I will post the link at the top of this blog when it is up, so please, please, keep checking this for an update. Toodleloo.



1.10 – Sorpresas

June 2, 2010

The indigo sky darkened above Gabe and Estefani. Gabe leaned forward quickly and let his lips hover above Estefani’s for a second, teasing her. The corners of Essie’s mouth curved upward and she beat Gabe in leaning in completely. Her lips touched her boyfriend’s lightly, the kiss innocent. But gradually, their kiss grew more passionate until both teens were gasping for their breath.

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1.9 – Amor en Una Boda

May 31, 2010

(Kinda) Warning: The beginning of this chapter does contain mild language and somewhat of suggestive content. Reader discretion is advised?

Tyrese simpered. He bent down and gave an icy glare into Estefani’s unseeing eyes. “That’s what you get, bitch…” He whispered into her ear. But Essie couldn’t hear. Her eyes may have been open, her lips might be parted, her face might have put on an impressive fa莽ade, but she was out like a light.

“Will it still work if she’s passed out?” Austin asked from behind. Tyrese nodded in response. Slowly and very precisely, he started to slide his underwear off while in his crouching position. But before they could get halfway down to his ankles, JoJo stomped into the room.

“What was all that yelling ab-” She started quickly, but then her eyes found the unconscious Essie that was lying on the floor. “What the hell? You knocked her out! You jackasses!” She screeched, beginning to rush over to Estefani’s aid.

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1.8 – Una Casa No Es Un Hogar

May 24, 2010

Warning: This chapter contains adult themes, alcohol abuse and swearing. Reader discretion is very highly advised.

“Can we stop here for tonight?” Estefani asked. She held her breath as she waited for Austin to respond. Turning him down was the only thing Estefani had ever been afraid of, even though Austin wasn’t usually pushy. He gave a sigh and nodded, getting off of Estefani and lying, stiff, on her bed. Clearly, he wasn’t used to having someone turn him down. Let alone someone had had sex with repeatedly. But Essie was worn out and felt like a little WooHoo ragdoll. She didn’t want to “do” anything that night.

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1.7 – Mosca Lejos, Gorri贸n

May 22, 2010

“Can you believe that as of today, it’s been seven years since we became friends? Since we started legit school?” Fern looked up at the looming building she and Estefani stood in front of. “And now we’re in high school!”

Estefani rolled her eyes. “You’ve been keeping track of how long we’ve been friends?” She laughed, her melodic voice light. Fern said nothing, she only blushed. The loud ring of the school bell broke the small silence that had swept over their conversation.

“Time to go in. High school, here we come!” Fern said.聽Essie started to walk forward and into the building, emerging from the crowd of gossiping girls she & Fern stood in front of. ”

“Clich茅 much?”

“Never.” The two laughed. Before they knew it, they were thrust into the hallways of what could be either a teenager’s biggest fear or greatest accomplishment: High school.

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1.6 – Escrito en pierda

May 18, 2010

“Good morning, sweetie.” Marisol greeted her daughter.

“‘Morning, mam谩. What is that?” Estefani pointed to the bowl that was sitting on the meal table.

“Cheerios. I know they’re your favorite. I figured you should have a nice breakfast before your first day of school.”

“Yay! Cheerios!” Estefani smiled brightly at her mother.

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1.5 – Si cada uno cuid贸…

May 16, 2010

Warning: This chapter contains swearing that some might find offensive. Reader discretion is advised.

It was all happened so fast. Francisco was limp in his seat, his immobile hands in his pockets rather than on the wheel.

“Francisco!” Marisol gave a desperate plea. She had meant to lean to the side and take the wheel. She had meant to stop the car before anything worse could happen, for her sake. For Francisco’s sake. For Estefani’s sake. For their unborn child’s sake. But it was too late. There was a truck. A large truck. An eighteen-wheeler. Their car swerved into the wrong lane. The truck hit their tiny Volkswagen with a seemingly unstoppable force…

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